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Biografia de S.N.F.U

SNFU is a Canadian hardcore band which started in 1981, disbanded between 1989 and 1991, broke up in 2005, and reassembled in 2007.

The band originally hailed from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, later relocating to Vancouver. Over twenty five years, their career saw them move through various sub-genres of punk rock, including hardcore punk in the early ’80s, skate punk in the mid-late ’80s, and melodic hardcore in the ’90s. The band was known initially for its sardonic lyrical and visual aesthetics, mostly the product of lead singer Ken Chinn, (aka Mr. Chi Pig) and aggressive guitar work by twin brothers Marc «Muc» and Brent «Bunnt» Belke. Flipside fanzine voted them «Best Live Band» in 1987, beating the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Fugazi.

While originally an acronym for «Society’s No Fucking Use», the meaning of those four letters changed over the years, with the band eventually becoming ambiguous on assigning them a specific reference.

The band had an unusual quirk of releasing albums with seven words in the title. Through their career, they’ve featured seven different bassists and eight different drummers.

Former guitarist Marc Belke is adamant that the band is no more, his website and MySpace page for the band have left no room for new SNFU work[1]

Chi has said in interviews that «SNFU dies when [he dies,]» and, in 2007, has led a new lineup for a handful of live shows.