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Pain Of Salvation

"i am the unclean
the black drop at the bottom of your cup
you'd better drink or throw me up
'cause i am on your lip and tongue
i'm not yours as much as you are mine
so let me in to be your lung
just breathe me deep and take another sip
so still
a taste so sweet but so bitter the kill
still on your lip
you are so close
i'll let you come
between my legs you are closer death than sun
and i'm not your daughter as much as you're my son
i'll let you come
in my mouth on your lip
so ready and thirsty for the next sip
you let me in, i let you come
i'd never let you down
you let me win, i let you drown!"
getting used to pain
I am crying unwept tears through this violence
i'll die trying to break this thick crust of silence
"i am the greatest star
so bright that you all come forth and beg to taste my light
i can take you far but i'll burn you out before we get there
but hey! who am i to stand in your way?
go ahead; swallow me down!
i'll have no problems finding myself out
when you've gone down
when your all cracked and wound."
getting used to pain
I am crying unwept tears through this violence
i'll die trying to break this thick crust of silence
Trading pain is a bad deal
i've got more than my share
too much to bear!
every beat of the hammer
every blood stricken street:
a way to trade off heat.
They will bleed till i'm empty
if i deserve to die i'll make it show
i will stain your affection, i will wear out your heart
you'll follow where i go
Blood stains
cut veins
leave me...

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