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Broken Hope

In a government bio lab, a gruesome experiment
a new warefare tool, a larvae implement
nuclear grown super larvae created to kill
toxic maggots implanted against one's will
project almost finished, nearly completed
for research a human host is needed
strapped in the lab and force fed a parasite
inside my thorax, the terror grows
a bio weapon to kill our foes
government guinea pig forced to be
my abdomen now is a parasitic womb
the wriggling grub inside is my doom
my belly bloats as it gestates
the immense maggot within incubates
bowels liquify into a matter so heinous
blood and worms blow out my ripping anus
absorbing body fluids, this maggot sucks me dry
inside my thorax, the terror grows
a bio weapon to kill our foes
government guinea pig forced to be
a human surrogate mother lying helpless
my sustenance nurtures it's metamorpisis
inside my guts the pupa twists and turns
form writhes and churns
in hunger and size it's grown rapidly
from the inside out i'm eaten ravenously
it bursts from my withered body into the world
a biohazard horror for warefare unfurled

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