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Plow Monday

in your magic falling down
i was drowning in the sound
of your mysteries explained to me by things i don't see
was the stare you gave me
no, was the word you said
it feels like there's something wrong
this isn't what i thought it was and you don't play along
But you're pounding through my veins
it's hard to just keep smiling
i can't believe you'd see
and still stay away from me
Be with me now i promise you that i can love you
be with me now i know you have to know you want to
Once, i had tried to speak and
twice, i had tried to leave
your eyes had confounded me
it's more than i know how to do
to stick around and still believe in
it's so hard to even say, and i want to get away
because what if this is real
i don't know what to think
and i sure as hell don't know how to feel
But you've set this path for me
without you i'd go crazy
pretending i'm with you
when i know it's not true
Be with me now i promise you that i can love you
be with me now i know you have to know you want to
be with me now i promise you that i won't hurt you
every day is a day that i want to spend with you and know you
Can't stand to change cause it don't fit
can't stand to learn just a little bit
do you want to live this way? it's been
one time around that you didn't slip
found out and it's your last trip down inside
you don't need to hide
Let it all fall down, let it go, let it go
don't you believe that if you never try then you can never know?
let it fade away, let me stay, let me stay
i've spent so much time just believing in your eyes
and i've seen you laugh and i've seen you cry so
If you'll just risk the pain then i'll risk feeling empty
if it's in your head put it down instead and hide inside my hands

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