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Uh, uh, uh, huh
Yo, yo
Drop your glasses, shake your asses
Face screwed up like you having hot flashes
Which one, pick one, this one, classic
Red from blonde, yeah bitch I'm drastic
Why this, why that, lips stop askin
Listen to me baby, relax and start passin
Expressway, hair back, weavin' through the traffic
This one strong should be labeled as a hazard
Some of y'all niggas hot, sike I'm gassin'
Clowns I spot em and I can't stop laughin'
Easy come, easy go, E-V gon' be lastin'
Jealousy, let it go, results could be tragic
Some of y'all aint writin well, too concerned with fashion
None of you aint Gisele cat walk and imagine
Alotta y'all Hollywood, drama, passed it
Cut bitch, camera off, real shit, blast it

[Gwen Stefani]
And if I had to give you more,
It's only been a year
Now I got my foot through the door
And I aint goin' nowhere
It took awhile to get me here
And I'm gonna take my time
Don't fight that good shit in your ear
Now let me blow ya mind

They wanna bank up, crank up, makes me dizzy
Shank up, haters wanna come after me
You aint a ganster, prankster, too much to eat
Snakes in my path wanna smile up at me

Now while you grittin your teeth
Frustration baby you gotta breathe
Take a lot more that you to get rid of me
You see I do what they can't do, I just do me
Aint no stress when it comes to sayin' "Get what you see"
Meet me in the lab, pen and pad, don't believe
Huh, sixteens mine, create my own lines
Love for my wordplay that's hard to find
Sophomore, I aint scared, one of a kind
All I do is contemplate ways to make your fans mine
Eyes bloodshot, stressin', chills up your spine
Huh, sick to your stomach wishin I wrote your lines


Let your bones crack
Your back pop, I can't stop
Excitement, glock shots from your stash box
Fuck it, thugged out, I respect the cash route
Locked down, blastin, sets while I mash out
Yeah nigga, mash out, D-R-E
Back track, think back, E-V-E
Do you like that (ooooh), you got to I know you
Had you in a trance first glance from the floor too
Don't believe I'll show you, take you with me
Turn you on, pension gone, give you relief
Put your trust in a bomb when you listen to me
Damn she much thinner know now I'm complete
Still stallion, brick house, pile it on
Ryde or Die, bitch, double R, can't crawl
Beware, cuz I crush anything I land on
Me here, aint no mistake nigga it was planned on


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