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JT Money

I'd Rather Cut you
JT Money: Come here baby
I'd rather cut
JT Money: Why you act so stupid man? Huh?
I'd rather cut you
JT Money: You got to learn how to love a playa (I'd rather cut) when a playa
come around, ya know?(love a playa)
I'd rather cut you, yeah owww
JT Money: Enjoy me while ya got me, ya know? Cut out all that sillyness, ya
know cuz a nigga aint really with that (Said I'd rather cut you), ya know? I
got other thangs to do. Check me out....

Verse 1:
Tell me what u 'pect to gain with all this bickering and beef, huh
C'mon get up in dese sheets, girl I got just what you need
See you don't really wanna fight with me
You want to spend ya whole life with me, aint dat right baby?
See we can waste time cussin and fussin about nothing or
we can spend time lusting and touching and straight fuckin'
Choose happiness, don't waste your time getting angry
cuz the way you going about it baby, just won't change me
I see you as my partner, not my opponent
Do the right thang baby, don't ruin this moment
I'm trying to enjoy you while I got ya and
get on top of ya and rock ya, break that thang off something proper
I'm the real one, of course them other hoes gone choose
but when it come to you or them, them hoes gone loose
besides that, i fucks with you anyway
and that's the reason while I'm here today, just to say

I'd rather cut you yeaahhhh, owwwww (I'd rather cuuutttt youuuuu)
Said I'd rather cut you (I'ddddd rather cut you baby)

I'd rather cut you yeeaaahhh, owwww (Said I'd rather cut you)
Said I'd rather cut you (Heeeyyyyy yeah)

Verse 2:
Now when I met you, I had bitches, plenty of bad bitches
stacks of cash and addicted to this fast living
I tend to roam alot, never home alot, stayed gone alot
and I still expect you to hold da spot down
keep my ends ready, don't sweat me bout no petty hoe shit
better know this, make a playa get jealous
lets get off of dat bullshit
let me get on you, put dis dick on you, make yo wish come true
you want a nigga to call yours, baby I'm all yours
I ain't no baby, if I aint yo baby
other chicken heads, see they cant do what you do
work that thang like a pro, make me bust more than two
have a nigga coming back just for some of dat good ass cat and i loves it from
da back,
like i love it from da side and i love it when u ride, don't hide, divide
baby won't you give me what's mines, so ummm

Say Chorus twice

Verse 3:
Ya see I'm only an enhancement
I could be your advancement, baby don't pass it up
See later on might be too late, plus the time is perfect now
don't fake, shit I don't wanna wait
I hope you choose happiness cuz I like to have fun
I live this life to the fullest plus I only got one
and I would hate for you not to be apart of it
you look and smell so good, I'm sure that I'll love it
that's why you got what I want, and baby I want it
I'm trying to own it and get my name tatooed on it
see I don't settle for less, and you look like the best
you got dat chronic Miss Thang, them other chickens will stress
aint trying to gas you up, I'm trying to get it where i fit in
believe aint no bullshittin'
see this is as real as it gets, I hope you feeling dis shit
now fuck them hoes, you da one a nigga trying to get with

Say Chorus four times

JT Money talking:
You understand what I'm sayin baby right
Ha ha ha ha
Now get naked and stop bullshitting for I beat yo ass
Ya hear me?
Take dem clothes off give me that pussy
That's all you want to do is fuck anyway
I don't know why you act so motherfucking stupid
Silly ass

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