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Forged my strength out of determination
i've survived this long on will
dropped so many times that i've lost count
never stopped me once, never known anything else
Try and break me down i'll
crawl back to my feet and stand
crawl, try and break me you can't

Suffer, sacrifice, or walk away
make your play and risk it all
new found power pumping through my veins
based on brotherhood
once it starts it can't be stopped
Try and break me down i'll
crawl back to my feet and stand
crawl, try and break me you can't
pick my teeth back up and crawl
Sometimes it seemed like it just wasn't meant to be
anger and sorrow were all that i would ever feel
sometimes i'd dream the man that had it all was me
then i'd awake each time to cold reality
But i can't wait for things to change
complacency is not my way
Self-absorbed, i had lost my faith i was
breaking down from your apathy, now it
feeds my hatred for all you stand for and
i can't live like this one minute more, so
just how much blood do you have to swallow?
before can you lead, you must refuse to follow
Now i bite the hand that starves me
don't look so surprised it's you that created me
Crawl back to my feet and stand
crawl, try and break me you can't
pick my teeth back up and ...
crawl back to my feet and stand
crawl, try and break me you can't

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