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Take Away The Pain Lyrics

Take away the pain
An let me fly away
Take away the pain
An let me fly away

This is a last dance
My last chance.. to get it right
At first glance
You might think my life looks nice
But if you look a little closer
I walk on thin ice
Im 1 slip from death
12 steps from paradise
Im young America
Riddled with defects of charater
A reject
Caught in a web of mass hysteria
I pray for the world to change
I seen my friends killed in pain
1 fixed from the end
1 drink from sane Im stained
Lost with my brain broke
A second from smoked out
Still living the great hope
Shit if ya gonna save me save me now
Im an escape artist with no escape I need a way out
My life is way out
The same old played out
Stuck on the same rout
So Im taking a leap of faith
Hoping I win this race
Hoping this time I'm bleased and dont miss
Cause I know
An God knows
I really worked hard for this

Take away the pain
An let me fly away
Take away the pain
An let me fly away

Now when i get away from trouble
I go looking for more
Taking 2 steps back from the bridge to the shore
Trying to hustle muscle sore from doing the Devil's chore's
Running from my problems
Never getting to the core
Been running round in circles
Down dead end roads
I dont know where Im going
But I act like I know
Borrowing money to pay back what I owe
My heads a 3 ring circus
Im a 1 man show
Another tattooed freak
I was born in a jar
I was breed to be a sick confused loser rockstar
So whose the puppet master?
I went from county jail to an over night disaster
Living fast an getting faster
Now mumma's on the front pouch sippin on some wine
While Daddy's in the office an hes chopping up some lines
My sisters in the backyard smoking northen green
My brothers in the basement cooking meth amphetamines

Take away the pain
An let me fly away
Take away the pain
An let me fly away

These thoughts, collective
Im trying to alter my perspective
I'm coming to a halt
But to stop is my objective
Time is running out
My luck is running thin
I've struggled too long not to win or die trying
I see the clock ticking buying time time is flying
I smile at defeat still inside Im crying
Look into the sky asking why I cant live a simple life
Its a lie to try an say the grass isnt greener on the other side
A poor excuse for Heavens set
Cause I cant climb the fench no matter how hard I try
Im wrapped in bared wire wondering whose on my side
Rusty knives in back
Theres no where left for me to hid
Im wrapped up in sins so Im in for a ride
I'd commit suicide but I dont wanna die
Im sick of getting high
An Im sick of these games
There's not enough drugs to take
To take away the pain

Take away the pain
An let me fly away
Take away the pain
An let me fly away

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