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Lady Sovereign

Everybody knows that i'm not a goody, goody
cause I'm rockin my adidas hoody
you might not see me on the streets at night
but you'll definitely see my white 3 stripes

I'm a shower face man and I'm going on shower
Im my adidas hoody going on shower
Skepta's going on so shower the olders give me stripes like Paola
And I'm on the same vibe as Sovereign
If the jacket ain't got a hood I ain't botherin'
But sometimes I go to the schubs
And they try tell a man no hats no hoods
(what you mean?)
But I still wear adidas when I get dressed
Boy better know I dress to impress
Cause I gotta look my best
And I might see a writer who works for the press
with beautiful breasts
so I gotta make sure my dress code is bless
so when I ask her out for a drink
(go on then)
I'll make sure she says yes.

I like my trackies big and baggy
That's right for my flatty batty
Hood saggin, 3 stripes slaggin'
fresh Decades that Sov-ee's fashion
3 stripe but not like Tesco
Adidas hoody, I got the best though
My dress code don't involves dresses
I got a hoody fetish
Eugh! Who's she, who's that, who's her?
It's Sovereign innit? Eugh!
Who's she, who's that, who's her?
It's that big midget errrr!

She likes, he likes, we like our 3 stripes
him. who, her, what, everybody err
him. who, her, what, everybody err

You might see me in my adidas hoody
can't chat shit to me I rep fully
3 stripes hang down to my feet right
if it ain't excluse then it ain't for me
features yeah that's Ears at all times
Hoody's up like we're all on crime
Gotta look fine, fine
3 stripes look right especially if i see grime
Hoods up,
if you wanna see my face there's two words that i'll say to you and that's
Good luck,
Gotta take off this one, or that one, let me think gosh
Tops with hoods, yeah, yeah I rock them
I'm from the hood so yeah I love them
But if you see me in the ends with my hood
It don't mean that I'm a hoodlem!

With adidas I've gone too far
I rock my three stripes just like it's a scar
they give me free clothes because I'm a star
Nike offered me but I told them nah
Take it how you want you can call it a par
but I'm big in the game like DD bra
Murkle man is gonna go far
I'm so hot you can call me tar
And just for the record
bus' adidas tracksuits that's nekkle
adidas sponsor so just sekkle
So look good, so gash I get em all
Yea ? and on for the next war
soon gonna have a video pon cable
Jahmek The World that's my label
So purchase if you're able


Baby Blue:
Don't think it's about time that I tell
these bouncers I'm coming in with my shell toes
I've been misunderstood in a zipped up hood
maybe woulda been better off rockin stiletto's
But I won't go til they understand this
I will still walk in in my white stan smiths
And cut up the place, quickly I'm in and out
Make you suck up the taste, spit a little lyric out
All day I dream about
something I shouldn't be thinking about
stop watching that thing that you're wearing
stop staring just put that drink in your mouth
yeah it's the remix rolling along
And you know that it's hot when I'm holding a song
stop, end the moaning it's long
these days I'm in R.S then I'm gone.

Everybody knows that i'm not a goody, goody
cause I'm rockin my adidas hoody
you might not see me on the streets at night
but you'll definitely see my white 3 stripes
But your 2 stripe looks a bit fishy
One of your 3 stripes is missing
but it's not like missy with the 1, 2 Step or
JME with the adidas crepe
Your bredrins say 'oh shit' when they see my tracksuit
They're like 'JME's nang, did you see his hoody, you get me fam?'
'Hey blud look at his crepes'
then they see my exluse and they're like
'rahtid cuz I never knew he had dat!'

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