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Conversation is going round
People talking bout the girl hoes come to town
Lovely lady pretty as can be
None knows her name she’s just a mystery
I did seen her maybe once or twice
One think I can say is oehw she is very nice
She’s a lady one I really wane know
Somehow I got to let my feelings show

She’s fresh fresh exiting
She’s so exiting to me
She’s fresh fresh exiting
She’s so infighting to me

I’ve bin thinking about the way you walk
Baby I like the way you talk
Tell you something I really can’t hide
Heaven must have send you to be by my side
Fresh and lovely like a dream come true
I’ll give anything to spend the night with you
What a feeling and I can’t stop it baby
Miss frisky lady take me away

She’s fresh fresh exiting
She’s so exiting to me
She’s fresh fresh exiting
She’s so infighting to me

Fresh as a summer breeze
She’ll take it by surprise
She means so much to me
I’ll do whatever to make her mine

She know you fresh like a caddy of 22's
The way you move daddy is proud of you
Ant no secrete we hacked it up
When you bend over and back it up
And I met you like once or twice
I look in your eyes
I want your thighs on ice
Damn you nice
Thick like a milkshake
A little pimpin call home make your booty shake
Fresh ma give me a yes ma
Look in your eyes I think of your breasts
There are some things we could get into
I’m Ambush I just wane get in you

She’s fresh fresh exiting
She’s so exiting to me
She’s fresh fresh exiting
She’s so infighting to me
She’s fresh fresh She’s so fresh
She’s fresh fresh She’s so fresh
She's fresh fresh
She's so exiting to me
She's fresh

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