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Gang Starr

Dj premier: big l rest in peace
Intro: samples
feel the realness
in this business of rep
go ahead
fresh out the gate again time to raise the stakes again
fatten my plate again y'all cats know we always play to win
g a n g to the starr's son
haters took this shit too far son
so thats all for you i'm whiping out your whole team
i'll splatter your dreams with lyrics to shatter your schemes
the badder you seem, the more lies you tell
the more lies you sell, then by surprise you fell
into my deathtrap, right into my clutches
stupid, you know the god must bless every single mic he touches
i've suffered, just so i could return harder
wanna be the shit starter? fuck around, make you a martyr
i make ya famous, turn around and make ya nameless
cause you never understood to me how vital this rap game is
save it and hold that, you catch a hot one
rhymes chase a fake nigga down soon as i spot one
Chorus: gang starr samples, except where noted
--full clip--
--do you wanna mess with this?--
--gang starr--
--i'm one of the best yet--
--i'm nice like that--
"it's all good" ---> noreaga
--in this business of rep--
*repeat, change last line to: --so i suggest you take a rest--*
so if you stand in my way, i'm gonna have to spray
learn that "if you come against me son your gonna have to pray"
since back in the day i held the weight and kept my head up
the wanna see the god catch an l itz all a set up
i give no man or thing power over me
why these niggaz so jealous and lookin sour, over me?
i'm bolder, g, i'm like impossible to stop
i'm like that nigga in the ring with you, impossible to drop
i'm like two magazine fully loaded to your one
plus i ain't gonna quit spittin, nigga, till your done
plus, more than over, i got my whole shit together
more than a decade of hits, that'll live forever
catchin rep off my name? your bound to fry
know how many niggaz that i know, is done to die
we never fail, and we ain't never been frail
you niggaz talk crime, but you scared of jail
attackin like a slick apache lyrics are trigger happy
pullin back your wig piece just for the way your lookin at me
talk back, blaow! i hit you up right now
i don't know why so many of y'all wanna be thugs anyhow
face the consequence, of your childish nonsense
i could make your head explode just by my lyrical content
get you in my scope and metaphorically snipe ya
i never liked ya, i gas that ass and then ignite ya
the flame thrower, make your peops afraid to know ya
how many times i told ya, "play your position" small soldier
my heart is colder, makes me wanna resort to violence
stop beatin me in the head son, nah, i'm not buyin it
i'm ready to blast, ready to surpass and harass
i'm ready to flip, yeah i'm ready to get with all that cash
i hold my chrome steady, with a tight grip
so watch your dome already cause this one might hit

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