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Nas Featuring Nature

* bonus track on cassette version only
queensbridge, 41st side
yo yo yo
i gots no birth records, no next of kin
know a lot of mothafuckers, got no best friends
know the weather checkin ten-ten winds a.m.
first and fifteenth i'm layin at the check cashing
think i'm playin, blink and i'm sprayin
wrong move, ask yourself what leg you wanna lose cuz you gon' lose
i cripple niggas, from the complex to simple niggas
keep showin y'all what difficult is
half the world sayin "dunn" but never been to the bridge
what type of shit is that, fraudulence, what's the cause of it
nature came threw erasing all of it, stop the presses
goofy niggas ask a lot of questions
i repeat this is not a question
if you don't reply quick enough i gotta press em
keep the glock by the intestines, .38 waist
wit a belt, regardless of your stats you can catch a shell
believe me when i tell you this (believe me when i tell you this)
there's nuttin y'all can do for me (there's nuttin y'all can do for me)
i don't believe in selfishness, this time i want my crew to eat (my crew)
we comin through a hundred strong (comin through a hundred strong)
we comin wit a hundred miles (a hundred miles)
bumpin shit all summer long (bump that)
we want it dead and want it now (we want it now)
Yo aiyyo i rap for my niggas and rap for the hoes
rap when i'm gettin dressed, when i iron my clothes
depressed, i kick raps that change your whole mood
and somehow stick to your ribs like soul food
rap for wheelchairs, rap for canes
ace bandages and niggas wit sprain, stay limpin in pain
i rap for math, english, even rap for science
gotta try to laugh, keep myself from cryin
i rap for giants, the jets, the yankees, the mets
it's new york new york, from clue to flex
new cassettes stay poppin up, your boo let me throw my cock in her
rappin got me two proper nuts
it's crazy, i even rap for high school coach
white folks fiend out like in michael doates
creamed out, dope stashin
for those askin, i flow for tv, hbo and closed caption
Aiyyo aiyyo aiyyo aiyyo
don't go to texas, don't go to watts
don't go to queensbridge, nigga don't go to cops
don't snitch when you're gettin bagged
in the penns, don't bitch when you gettin stabbed
just hold that, i pose for kodak's, rose to stardom
hoes in harvard, sophmores get knocked off, nigga watch yours
i watch the game like it's saint john's
it ain't wrong, take a blank piece of paper, a pen paint songs
type colorful, writin that shit a thug'll do
in the heat of the moment, type to make a sudden move
some'll snooze, some'll snore, they won't admit that dunn is pure
once i quit, niggas wanted more
cop my shit once it come in store
the first week be at the top of the charts, got it jumpin off
hot verses wit a hundred thoughts
one theme, gettin caught in my zone you'll become a corpse
Chorus 2x

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