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Def Squad

[ keith murray ]
Yo hey yo i step out the shell like a black pearl
But come to destroy you of all worlds
I eat you inside out like stress
The best i never lose a rhyme contest
While troublesome black rolls flows
Bleed internal external like a bloody nose
Props grow like crops
Desert boot clarks wit no socks
Parking space killer stay out my lot
You hear my voice you see my face you know my name
I take it out your ass and charge it to the game
I battle with words, go to war with ideas
You defeat me never in a million years
The factor of the rapture
Is that you either get killed, wound, or captured
They shoot you up so bad til the end you fought
But then you got caught up in my final thought

Miss thing, there is no guest list tonight (sampled)

[ redman ]
Yo, yo, yo, yo
I get on the mic like badoobedut kick roundhouse
You the tightest motha fucka let me find out
When i pull mines out
I could gaffle mr. keebler for all his chips ahoy out the chalk town house
Give you static like your mixer got the ground out
Hug you wit my hands in your grandmas pouch
Im down south wit outkast wit pounds out
Wicked enough to throw the gun in james bond mouth
You know e and keith when we brawl
I be in more hoods than that big fork and spoon on your kitchen wall
And overall, on yall a protocal
My style is kabal, finish him
For the benjamins
Fools call me the grinch
Cause i punch you in your face christmas on two fifth
While the cops watch the jamaican hide pot
When i stomp i leave the shoe size of sasquatch

Miss thing there is no guest list tonight

[ erick sermon ]
Yo, yo
Its e the assassin antonio banderas
Catch a few of my enemies by the bodegas
So face it, some of yall should go back to basics
Before the prom, before sissy spacik
Reevaluate whats right for you
From the start or was it something you wanted to do fucker
I dig a hole so deep you cant return
And hear about the episode on howard stern
Im born wit heart i blast ya
Hit ya wit the fishing deep water and take your yacht master
Playing me one time thats unforgivin
I got a body one count and we aint bullshittin
We be thick in the mix, milk wit quik
In the business i work every circuit
Im bigger, better, and deafer
So however, wherever, whenever, heffer

Miss thing there is no guest list tonight ( 4x )

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