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The devil came to my house, knocked on my door
i said, oh my, i know that i have heard this voice before
he said, "you're quite a talent, the makings of a star
and with a little help from me you really can go far.
i'll tell you what i told the rest, the rules remain the same.
don't glorify, support or even mention jesus' name.
now you can do something that's positive, but just don't misbehave.
like use your noteoriety and get somebody saved.
and don't you see so vocal about the truth you know.
the bible's bad for business, leave your faith at home.
i'll give you wealth and fame, far as the eye can see.
live the way you want, but your career belongs to me."
the he smiled a crooked smile and winked and evil eye
and said, "well, whatcha think, my man?" and this was my reply
I have been bought with a pricewhen jesus hung on a tree
my life is not my own, i'll never follow your lead
you build up all the pleasure of sin in people's eyes
but never tell the consequences of the compromise
you used to have my number, but this time you will fail
so get thee behind me, satan, i'm not for sale

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