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Center is where i see myself
in the beginning i'm sitting in
the middle of a crowded room
nobody hears me trying to reach
out just trying to scream out.
I'm so pathetic is how i see myself
i'm just a joke i'm running out this life
people tell me not to waste it but
how can i taste it when i never lived
when i never loved when i never lied.
I'm just a stain i'm trying to make my mark
on a spot that's been dark for a long time
been along time since i've panicked broken down
the systematic life that god gave me.

So try to save my faith that's going out
the window that i'm looking' down from
one more step and ill be on the ground
from a sinner try and tell me i am a true
believer well ho i never was.
You'll probably run and hide
Life reality hits me in the stomach
aches like a fist in my mouth
i should have said nothing to make
everything fall apart in my face
well you're the one who's crying
So try to see the world through the
flipside running out of line with no
ever watching my back ah cold
never seem to realize
i'm not your wanna be

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