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Try to close your eyes
baby let me feel your love inside
come to me
i'll make sure my arms are open wide
it feels so good
that i have you on my other side
seeing purple
doesn't mean i'm color blind
Bring it on
i'm penetrating through your bone
i'll inject my desire inside your chromosome
all alone, i think about you night and day
the sex, the skin, yeah yeah
you make me wanna stay
all day don't walk away i'm inside you
we'll be makin' love like the house is on fire
my desire, it's so good it gets you higher
hey seniorita give love to my maria
So would you come with me
would you talk to me and fly with me
it's a rollercoaster ride
so sit back, relax, meet me on the other side

If you want my love, if you want my name
i'll be the one to feel your pain
don't you ever leave, coz i'm the one you need
baby i'm the one that will be here
for you

so here i am getting wasted just to see you smile
don't be afraid coz everythin' will be worthwhile
no one knows i just can't breathe, i can't let go
i'm not your cancer, i just want to let you know
It's like romeo and juliet, check on the set
neverending love then try to reinvent
coz i feel the thrill for real your looks can kill
like a devil possessed by your spirit's will
i'll steal your passion, your pain and your emotion
start the motion, my destination's your obsession
so hold me tight everythin' is gonna be all right
the light so bright oh my god
let's get down tonight

repeat pre-chorus:
Repeat chorus:

let me go now
you come to shine now
i come now
if you leave
i'll try to die now

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