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Richie Rich

(you betta get down here tha bitch is failin to testify)

I'ma black hawk soldier
Known for slangin bolders
Quick to bring back
Everything off a sack
Keep they heads ringing
And real niggas know tha banging
Cause keys and p's is what i use to make my g's
Dog hoochie bitches to tha point of no return
And when i look back
Ask them hoes who tha mack
Toss tha cock up
Quick to crook and rook and shake that block up
Just one more lick and i'm finished with this shit
Lace game heavy wanna be busy with this dope
From the throat
This shit they usually love is tha quotes
But not to be quoted
Underblown or ovafloated
But a nigga be so damn devoted
To hurt em' with this real shit

To hurt em' with this real shit

Real shit
All day i get tha drama
Nigga fuck ya momma
My infrared is protection for tha head
So fuck tha senate
Cause like bennet
I aint in it
And when i twist
You keep them bitches out my mix
I do my thang only for tha thugs and hoes
Hairweaves, frenchbraids and phat ass fro's
So eat yo greens nigga and yo black eyed peas
Cause you know you cant fuck with these
Bump to yo knees with some
Real shit man
Peep tha wing span
From residential to presidential
Off instrumentals
My intentions be to hurt
Desert and take turfs
Rook em seize fo tongues
Leavin they whole crew sprung
Open and cop a plea
But tha rich can't bite
Cause tha fever's runnin high tonight

(until song ends)
I come to hurt em with this real shit

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