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Da Yoopers

Second week of deer campda yoopers(dr. demento's 25th anniversery tape)note: this transcription is dedicated to my uncle and confirmation sponsor, mr. anthony mazanec, who was the best hunter in the cleveland area and who passed away last yearhey there goes one (bang!) hey you shot my cow!it's the second week of deer campi got a swollen headi'm lying with the dustballsunderneath the bedan icy breeze is blowinginto the tongue and groovemy pants are frozen to the floor and i'm too sick to movei didn't drink so manyjust durty (thirty) cans of beerit musta been that last shotthat put me under hererefrainit's the second week of deer campand all the guys are herewe drink play cards and shoot the bullbut never shoot no deerthe only time we leave the campis when we go for beerthe second week of deer campis the greatest time of yeari remember playing pokerthat weasel musta wonhe's wearing my new swampersand sleeping with my gunhe's snoring like a chainsawthe camp smells like a dumpsomeone's dirty underwearis hanging on the pumpmickey's in the woodboxweener's on the stovehis flannel shirt is smoking (sniff)i wonder if he knows (yeow!)refrainbeadle's crawling through the doori think he got frostbitehe passed out in the outhouseand he's been there since last nightgoofus stumbled through the doorhe says he got a buckhe was coming from the waysideand hit it with his truckmusty cracked a beer and saidlet's celebrategoofus caught the first bucksince 1968refrainfade while repeating refraintmazanec1@juno.com or tom mazanec to humans

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