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Joe Grant

Come all you brave young soldier lads
with your strong and manly bearing
i'll tell you a tale of a woman bold and her deed of honest daring
laura secord was american-born in the state of massachusets
but she made her home in canada and proved so faithful to us
there's american guns and 500 men
so the warning must be given
and laura ingersoll secord was the stalwart heart
who braved the heat and the flies and the swamp
to warn colonel fitzgibbon
There's soldiers pounding at the door
and they come from across the border
american officers march inside
it's food and drink they've ordered
in comfort they have dined and drunk
their own success they've toasted
but they pay no heed to the woman who hears their plan so idly boasted
Oh, james i've overheard it all
a surprise attack they're making
fitzgibbon they intend to smash
his men for prisoners taking
and james a warning never you'll take with your wounded knee and shoulder
i myself must carry it past the sentries and the soldiers
It's an all-day tramp to the british camp
by way of shipman's corners
there're snakes and flies and sweat in her eyes
there is no respite for her
she's lost her shoes in the muck of the bog
her feet are torn and blistered
but there's many a soldier lad to be spared if the message be delivered
So all you yankee soldier lads who dare to cross our border
thinking to save us from ourselves
usurping british order
there's women and men canadians all
of every rank and station
to stand on guard and keep us free
from yankee domination

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