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Xavier Aeon

Joe budden]
look mami, between me and you
nothing has to come inbetween me seein' you
this aint me g'n you
yet you say somethin to convince me leavin boo
matter fact, dont bother ma, she's cheatin too
relationships like work; girl you fine but
can't leave a job until the next one's lined up
in the past i like to ball
and my motto is how could i know my type until i tried em all
but peep it, ill try it if you keep quiet
this could be our little weakness
our little secret,
this is how it should be now
see how joe e claimin a new she now
come on we can leave now....
[xavier aeon]
as soon as i walked in, i seen you, chillin with your crew
it was right then, i knew, i'd be leavin here with you
so tell me, if i should, be pursuin' my intuition
my ears are open girl, oh, as you walk over to me and tell me:
[girl] i think that we should slide up, somewhere so we can be alone
[xavier] its not that simple, my girl is up in here and thats a no-no
[girl] but baby i'm feelin you, and i want you right now, don't stress your girl aint gonna know
well since youre talkin like that, baby come a little closer
and let me know if you can keep a secret;
I'm feelin you, and when the club gets out i wanna leave with you
and i know that i came with my girl and thats wrong
but who cares because it feels so right
can you keep a secret, i'm diggin you
when the club gets out i'm gonna leave with you
i dont care if you n me are followed up in here cuz youre leavin with me tonight
[end chorus]
But you know i won't go get down and follow this feelin
but i came with my girl and that ain't right cuz i can't be caught cheatin
but don;t you know i'm feelin you and thats the damndest truth
i wanna jump in my ride and get you to the room
girl you know we can't leave, but you keep on whispering to me:

i'm leaving, found my new thing, dont know if ill ever be back again
leavin... yo hold up i dont think she heard me, im gonna say it again
baby im leavin, find a new man, thought i told you ill never be back again
leavin... yo, just bring the hook back man

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